Diaspora portugaise: un compromis culturel qui donne sens à la dispersion spatiale des vies

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This paper presents an ethnographical study carried out in Brazil, with three Portuguese families whose transnational life course has taken them to Portugal, Mozambique and finally Brazil. During this life course, the family members studied have experienced disruptions and conflicts, whilst engaging in various social transactions. They have negotiated, but sometimes been imposed on, in order to adjust to successive situations. In constructing their identity, these family members draw, more or less explicitly, on the notion of a “Portuguese diaspora”, as a cultural construct that enables them to overcome some of the spatial, social, cultural and emotional disruptions which have been a feature of their lives.
Original languageFrench
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • Portuguese diaspora
  • Brazil
  • Spatial anthropology
  • Spatial mobility
  • Social transaction

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