Development of an experimental system for teaching induction motors with fault detection and diagnosis capabilities

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The study of fault detection and diagnosis of electrical machines, in particular induction motors, as well as the teaching of their behavior requires practical experience in this field. To provide this experience to the students this paper presents an experimental system that can be used with a standard industrial electrical induction machine. This system is based on only one healthy induction machine that is operated under faulty operating modes. Several fault types such as stator winding faults, bearing faults, or broken bars can be tested. The developed system also allows testing the behavior of the electrical machine for different load types. Several typical loads in which the torque depends of time or speed were implemented. The system is based on computer equipment with a DSPIC, a testing system and an induction machine
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JournalComputer Applications In Engineering Education
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

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