De las postrimerías nazaríes a los albores castellanos. Ambrogio Spinola y la continuidad de los genoveses del Reino de Granada (1478-1505).

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The present article aims to show the continuity of the Genoese of the Kingdom of Grenade from the end of the Muslim era to the beginning of the Castilian times. To do so it makes use of the prosopographical method, comparing documentation from national archives and notarial deeds from Cordoba and Grenade. Thus, through the personal development of Ambrogio Spinola we study aspects such as the commercial and financial activities held by the Genoese mercantile community, paying special attention to the connection with the High Guadalquivir through the terrestrial border; the purchase of proprieties in Grenadian soil, a completely hitherto unknown fact which involves deep implications about the evolution of the Nasrid society; it is established the chronology of their presence in the emirate during the War of Grenade; and after the return we outline their adaptation to the new social, political and economical reality, with the diversification of strategies, the wish to integrate in local society and keeping in touch with Castilian and Grenadian elites. Therefore it emerges a completely unknown image, which answers some classic questions of the specific historiography and enriches the knowledge of the Genoese presence in Grenade.
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)239-273
Number of pages34
JournalArchivio Storico Italiano
Issue number644
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Granada
  • Nasrid
  • Genoese Community

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