Adaptação cultural e validação do "Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire" versão Portuguesa.

Translated title of the contribution: Cultural adaptation and validation of the "Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire"--Portuguese version

Maria da Lapa Rosado, José Pascoalinho Pereira, João Pedro da Fonseca, Jaime Branco

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The aim of this study was to translate the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) into Portuguese (Portugal) and to evaluate its reliability and validity by use with Portuguese--speaking patients with Fibromyalgia. After translating the FIQ into Portuguese we administered it to 68 patients with Fibromyalgia together with an informed consent, a Portuguese version of the Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) and a formulary with the socio-demographic characteristics and duration of the complaints. The content validity was assessed with a panel of experts, with high consensus. In the concurrent validity, we obtained significant correlations between the FIQ first item and the HAQ [r = 0,531 (p = 0,001)]. Cronbach's alpha was 0,814, indicating an acceptable level of internal consistency. In conclusion, the Portuguese version of the FIQ is a reliable and valid instrument for measuring health status and physical functioning in Portuguese patients with Fibromyalgia. This instrument is available for use in the clinical practice.

Translated title of the contributionCultural adaptation and validation of the "Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire"--Portuguese version
Original languagePortuguese
Pages (from-to)157-165
Number of pages9
JournalActa Reumatológica Portuguesa
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2006


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