Core Calculi for Service-Oriented Computing

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Core calculi have been adopted in the Sensoria project with three main aims. First of all, they have been used to clarify and formally define the basic concepts that characterize theSensoriaapproach to the modeling of service-oriented applications. In second place, they are formal models on which theSensoriaanalysis techniques have been developed. Finally, they have been used to drive the implementation of the prototypes of theSensorialanguages for programming actual service-based systems. This chapter reports about the Sensoria core calculi presenting their syntax and intuitive semantics, and describing their main features by means of a common running example, namely a Credit Request scenario taken from theSensoriaFinance case study.
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Title of host publicationRigorous Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Systems - Results of the SENSORIA Project on Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Computing.
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