Convents and nuns, between dreams and realities

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Recognizing that in modern times women could fulfill only three socially accepted roles – daughters, wives/mothers, and nuns – being considered deviant if they took any other destination, we perceive the value and relevance of the female convents at that time. For this reason, in this conference we aim to take as example the lives of women who chose to live in cloister and, through them, seek to perceive in the first place the expectations of men with regard to female (conventual) life, whether they were the parents who put the daughters in the convents or the priests and confessors who protected them intramural and who wrote the Rules of the Convents. Secondly, we will seek the female reality behind the male dreams and expose an image of the nuns as educated and cultured women, acting in definition and imposition of their agency and capable of transgressing the norms. The Convent of Santa Monica of Goa will, whenever possible, be taken as a case study, valuing the fact that it was inserted in an imperial society, conferred on it particular characteristics, impossible to be found in European convents
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 2019
EventCours public Les femmes dans le monde lusophone - Faculté des Lettres, Université de Genève, Genebra, Switzerland
Duration: 23 Sept 201916 Dec 2019


CourseCours public Les femmes dans le monde lusophone
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