Comparison of the macro/microstructure of the Iberian Academy Dictionaries

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Having access to the DLE’s underlying structure made it possible for us to exhaustively survey domain labels in order to determine the number of domains represented, those shared between the two dictionaries, the ones that differ, and which domains are the most frequent.
This study allowed us to analyse, describe, and compare domain labelling in general language dictionaries, which points to specialized lexicon in those general language dictionaries. We have examined whether label application is systematic or there is an imbalance, and whether there are recent and relevant domains that do not appear. We verified the criteria for differential selection and treatment of terms, which differ between the dictionaries under review. Finally, we looked at other lexicographical resources used in the definitions as domain indications.
Stemming from this work, in particular from the topic of domain labelling, we are pleased to announce the acceptance of a submitted paper (peer reviewed) to the III Jornadas internacionales sobre investigaciones lexicográficas y lexicológicas (inLÉXICO2019), which will be held at the Universidad de Jaén, on April 4-5 2019. (Salgado, A. & Costa, R., Marcas temáticas nos dicionários académicos ibéricos: estudo comparativo).
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Publication statusPublished - 2019


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