Cities and Screens: Architecture and information in the age of transductive reproduction

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A smart city lives in the intersection of architecture and information. Screens constitute the most visible aspect of this mutation and its extensive existence in contemporary landscape
resonates from the potential of transductive technology – one of them is its relational side. In a rupture with the medial purity (Greenberg) one could say that architecture, like cinema, has
expanded itself to accompany the inter-medial tendency of visual arts. However, an analysis to these (relational) screens requires an archaeological exercise, where one discovers in architecture the most seminal relation between visual devices and space. That
urban experience evoked by Walter Benjamin in the Arcades Project, on the city life of Paris of the XIX century, was anticipating the conditions of reception of another apparatus, cinema,
one which, like Sergei Eisenstein, Benjamin considered to be a consequence of architecture. Citizens in circulation, absorbed in walking, led Benjamin to consider that the reception of
architecture is consummated collectively, in a state of distraction.
With this proposal we will approach the tectonic hypotheses of this expanded architecture. What was potential in the experience of the city, and which was later materialized in cinema, now returns transductively to the city with these architectures of information, distributed in the most diverse supports. Through the archaeological exercise, it is apparent how the city already
was experimented as a screen, even before the age of the screens.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication5th International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies
EditorsAleksandra Krstić-Furundžić, Milena Vukmirović, Eva Vaništa Lazarević, Aleksandra Đukić
Place of PublicationBelgrade
PublisherUniversity of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture
Number of pages5
ISBN (Print)978-86-7924-199-3
Publication statusPublished - 2018
Event5th International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies - Belgrade, Serbia
Duration: 26 Apr 201827 Apr 2018


Conference5th International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies


  • Screen
  • Architecture
  • Information
  • Smart city
  • Transduction


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