Characterisation of a Proto-historic bronze collection by micro-EDXRF

Elin Figueiredo, Maria Fátima Araújo, Rui Jorge Cordeiro Silva, R. Vilaça

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Studies concerning European Proto-historic metallic artefacts can provide important clues about technological transfers during a period of time characterised by diverse cultural interactions. A collection of Proto-historic metallic artefacts from Medronhal (western Iberian Peninsula) composed by rings, bracelets and a fibula related to different cultural affiliations were investigated by micro-EDXRF to provide a major and a minor elemental characterisation. Results show that the Medronhal collection was manufactured in a Cu–Sn alloy (binary bronze) with similar Sn contents among the various types of artefacts and a low impurity pattern. Results of the type and quality of metal were compared to other artefact collections to infer about metallurgical parallels. Strong parallels with indigenous Late Bronze Age Iberian metallurgical productions were found.
Original languageUnknown
Pages (from-to)26-31
JournalNuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions With Materials And Atoms
Issue numberNA
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2013

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