Capitais ibéricas da resistência antiditatorial e anticolonialista: redes e cumplicidades no mundo da edição nos anos 1960-70

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This text deals with the exchange resulting from the intervention of publishers
and booksellers who, supported by networks woven from their organizations based in the Iberian capitals, marked the politico-cultural and civic resistance within the walls and in exile against the Iberian dictatorships, imperialisms and remaining colonialism (1960s70s). Lisbon and Madrid will be studied in their connection with other cities with specific affinities in this activism and with traditions in cultural and book exchange, such as Barcelona, Paris, Porto, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Mexico City. The analysis will focus on certain networks and institutions that represent this exchange and resistance.
This is an exploratory essay based on the deepening of previous studies, on the analysis and problematization of recent and reference bibliography and on new research in public and private archives.
Original languagePortuguese
Pages (from-to)115-128
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • Publishing history
  • Militant publishing
  • Book history
  • Cultural exchanges
  • Antifascism
  • Anticolonialism
  • Iberian perspective
  • Cities and social environments
  • Urban History
  • Cultural History
  • Social History
  • Dictatorial context
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Essay
  • Marxism
  • Political repression
  • Censorship

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