Association of common variants in mismatch repair genes and breast cancer susceptibility: a multigene study

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Background: MMR is responsible for the repair of base-base mismatches and insertion/deletion loops. Besides this, MMR is also associated with an anti-recombination function, suppressing homologous recombination. Losses of heterozygosity and/or microsatellite instability have been detected in a large number of skin samples from breast cancer patients, suggesting a potential role of MMR in breast cancer susceptibility. Methods: We carried out a hospital-based case-control study in a Caucasian Portuguese population ( 287 cases and 547 controls) to estimate the susceptibility to non-familial breast cancer associated with some polymorphisms in mismatch repair genes (MSH3, MSH4, MSH6, MLH1, MLH3, PMS1 and MUTYH). Results: Using unconditional logistic regression we found that MLH3 (L844P, G>A) polymorphism GA (Leu/Pro) and AA (Pro/Pro) genotypes were associated with a decreased risk: OR = 0.65 (0.45-0.95) ( p = 0.03) and OR = 0.62 (0.41-0.94) ( p = 0.03), respectively. Analysis of two-way SNP interaction effects on breast cancer revealed two potential associations to breast cancer susceptibility: MSH3 Ala1045Thr/MSH6 Gly39Glu - AA/TC [ OR = 0.43 (0.21-0.83), p = 0.01] associated with a decreased risk; and MSH4 Ala97Thr/MLH3 Leu844Pro - AG/AA [ OR = 2.35 (1.23-4.49), p = 0.01], GG/AA [ OR = 2.11 (1.12-3,98), p = 0.02], and GG/AG [ adjusted OR = 1.88 (1.12-3.15), p = 0.02] all associated with an increased risk for breast cancer. Conclusion: It is possible that some of these common variants in MMR genes contribute significantly to breast cancer susceptibility. However, further studies with a large sample size will be needed to support our results.
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JournalBMC Cancer
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Publication statusPublished - Sept 2009


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