Assessment in Dance: unlikely complicity?

Research output: Non-textual formDigital or Visual Products


How do students interpret and regulate their own performance and 'knowledge’ in use? (Monteiro 2002: 2009). This information appears crucial to improve learning, highlighting the concept of 'Alternative Formative Evaluation’ (Fernandes 2006). We defend Evaluation as a resource, a facilitator of learning. In this context the Portfolio is assumed as a formative evaluation strategy, in line with alternative pedagogy of design. We want to witness the importance of an enlightened attitude, informed, innovative and reflective of “a certain way of looking at the evaluation", in a desired complicity (Monteiro 2007: 80).
Original languageUnknown
Place of PublicationLisboa
PublisherEdições Colobri
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012

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