Argon-plasma treatment in benign metastasizing leiomyoma of the lung: a case report

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Benign metastasizing leiomyomas of the lung are rare smooth muscle cells tumours. We report the case of a 48 year-old female who was evaluated due to persistent cough, progressive dyspnoea and constitutional symptoms. Chest computed tomography revealed a left endobronchial mass, multiple parenchyma nodules and a pleural effusion. Bronchial biopsy histological features were consistent with benign metastasizing leiomyoma. The patient was successfully treated with argon plasma and mechanical debulking. There was no disease relapse in the last four years. (C) 2010 Published by Elsevier Espana, S.L. on behalf of Sociedade Portuguesa de Pneumologia. All rights reserved.
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Pages (from-to)921-923
JournalRevista Portuguesa de Pneumologia
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

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