Argamassas compatíveis com alvenarias históricas com base em cal hidráulica natural - Compatible natural hydraulic lime mortars for historic masonries

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The new version of standard EN 459-1: 2010 of building limes presents a new classification of limes with hydraulic behavior, which lead to the reclassification or reformulation of many portuguese hydraulic limes that were previously (by the ancient version of the standard) classified as natural hydraulic limes. In this paper the characteristics of mortars formulated with portuguese natural hydraulic limes NHL5 and NHL3.5 are presented and compared with mortars made with an air lime CL90-Sd. The mortars were differently cured and some percentages of each lime were substituted by the same weight of a metakaolin, an artificial pozzolan available in the international market. The influence of the type of lime, the curing conditions and the amount of metakaolin on distinct mechanical and physical properties of the mortars are discussed, in order to a better knowledge of these types of mortars.
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Title of host publicationCIRea
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012
EventCIRea2012 - Conferência Internacional sobre Reabilitação de Estruturas Antigas de Alvenaria -
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ConferenceCIRea2012 - Conferência Internacional sobre Reabilitação de Estruturas Antigas de Alvenaria
Period1/01/12 → …

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