Application of SQuaRE and Generalized Nets for extended validation of CE systems

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The need to develop robust, quality software architectures is more critical than ever today due to thesignificant complexity, size and interoperability requirements typical of modern systems. Rather than waituntil the architecture, design and potentially implementation phases have been completed, this paperproposes that evaluation and testing methods should be applied during the architectural phase itself, andshould be rooted in standard methodologies and processes, then complementary checked through the usage ofGeneralized Networks (GN) theory by a simulation platform. To guarantee the quality of the architecture theISO/IEC CD 2504n of the SQuaRE series of standards (which describes a process for evaluating the qualityof software products and also describing the requirements for the components of an architecture), are adoptedas a reference methodology. (GN) is a tool for Discrete Event Simulation (DES), which is equally well suitedfor modelling simple and large, complex systems. For a complete assessment of quality, GNs seems to be aproper complement for the validations of the dynamics of the interoperable system, after tested by the qualityprocedure of SQuaRE. With these, a complete system can be validated through visualization, specification,simulation, analysis, development, and report-out of the test and evaluation procedures that is applied to thearchitecture and its components. By applying these quality assessment techniques earlier in the softwaredevelopment lifecycle, it is predicted that churn of both code and the architecture itself can be reduced. Thiswould deliver improvements in the quality, reliability, consistency and indeed sustainability
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Conference15th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising
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