Antineoplastic 31-norcycloartanones from Solanum cernuum Vell

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Triterpenoids with 31-norcycloartanone structure were isolated for the first time from the Solanum genus. Cycloeucalenone and 24-oxo-31-norcycloartanone were the main constituents of the dichloromethane extract of Solarium cernuum Vell. leaves [7% (w/w) and 1.47% (w/w)]. Both triterpenoids were tested against human tumor cell lines, and 24-oxo-31-norcycloartanone was significantly active and selective against the lung tumor cell line NCI-H460 with total growth inhibition at 1.10 mu g/mL. growth inhibition 50 at 0.19 mu g/mL and lethal concentration 50 at 8.43 mu g/mL, while cycloeucalenone showed poor activity. A homologous series of alkanes (C(25)-C(34)). beta-sitosterol, and the xanthophyll lutein were also identified. The antiulcer activity was assayed for the dichloromethane extract. In the gastric ulcer model induced by 95% ethanol. administration of 500, 1000 and 2000 mg/kg/po dichloromethane extract gave ulcer lesion indices of, respectively. 38.2, 61.0 and 81.9%, while carbenoxolone inhibited 88.99% at 200 mg/kg. In the gastric ulcer model induced by indomethacin the dichloromethane extract showed a small percentage of lesion inhibition. The ethanol extract was also analyzed and was mainly composed of glycoalkaloids, peptides and disaccharides.
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Pages (from-to)507-514
JournalZeitschrift Fur Naturforschung Section C-A Journal Of Biosciences
Issue number7-8
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2008

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