Angular analysis of Bd 0 → K μ + μ decays in pp collisions at √s=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector

ATLAS Collaboration

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An angular analysis of the decay Bd 0 → Kμ+μ is presented, based on proton-proton collision data recorded by the ATLAS experiment at the LHC. The study is using 20.3 fb−1 of integrated luminosity collected during 2012 at centre-of-mass energy of s=8 TeV. Measurements of the K* longitudinal polarisation fraction and a set of angular parameters obtained for this decay are presented. The results are compatible with the Standard Model predictions.[Figure not available: see fulltext.].

Original languageEnglish
Article number47
JournalJournal Of High Energy Physics
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2018


  • Hadron-Hadron scattering (experiments)


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