Ancient Egypt: other voices, other faces

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Throughout time, since Greco-Roman antiquity into contemporaneity, Egyptian civilization knew how to arise attention and interest from men. Egyptology was born as a consequence of that scholarly and scientific endeavour. But with its birth, also grew the fascination with Ancient Egypt. And so, other faces and other voices – of poets, writers, painters, sculptors, composers and filmmakers – resumed themes, traces and characters of this millennial civilization and transformed it into a kind of mythical reference, sometimes initiatory and often fanciful and artificial which, nonetheless, delights a very wide audience.
Authors such as Rainer Maria Rilke or Milka Waltari, painters such as Paul Klee or Anselm Kiefer, composers such as W. A. Mozart or Philip Glass and filmmakers such as Joseph L. Mankiewicz or Chadi Abdessallam did not escape this fascination. But their work may help to know or to disclose this civilization? May it be a danger or, by the contrary, a challenge?
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Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventThe International Conference Sources to Study Antiquity: Between Texts and Material Culture - NOVA FCSH, Lisboa, Portugal
Duration: 9 May 201610 May 2016


ConferenceThe International Conference Sources to Study Antiquity


  • Egypt
  • Literature
  • Visual Arts
  • Opera
  • Cinema


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