Anarquía (capitalista), oligarquía (burguesa), demagogia (proletaria): el primer Marx y la gramática de la constitución mixta

Translated title of the contribution: (Capitalist) anarchy, (bourgeois) oligarchy, (proletarian) demagogy: The early Marx and the grammar of the mixed constitution

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This chapter approaches Marx´s early production from the prism of his acquaintance with the mixed constitution language. One of Marx´s more original, insightful and radical developments was in the way he turned upside down the long-term tradition of reflecting on social, political and constitutional issues by reference to the mixed government, an insight that may provide with a complementary but also supplementary view on the intellectual formation and the semantic repertoire introduced by Marx.
Marx appropriated the grammar of the mixed constitution first by profiting from previous developments and semantic transformations relating to each of the three elements or categories from the mixed constitution —Monarchy, Aristocracy and Democracy—. In all of them, Marx introduced important conceptual nuances of his own that partially reoriented their inherited meaning and contents. Yet the crucial difference between his and others´ resorting to this grammar lied, however, in that he not only made also use of the three counter-concepts —tyranny, oligarchy and anarchy— that played as negative, degrading forms of government in the tradition but, what is more, he was able to combine them into a holistic, systemic unity to account for the content of the emerging capitalist social order. This deployment of the mixed constitution as “counter-ideal” repertoire helps also explain Marx´s understanding of communism.
Translated title of the contribution(Capitalist) anarchy, (bourgeois) oligarchy, (proletarian) demagogy: The early Marx and the grammar of the mixed constitution
Original languageSpanish
Title of host publicationKarl Marx y la crítica de la economía política
Subtitle of host publicationContribuciones a una tradición
EditorsPablo Sánchez León, Mikel Angulo, Iñaki Bárcena, Andrea Bartolo, Francesco Basso, Saúl Curto López, Jon Kortazar Billelabeitia, Eki Etxebarría, Oihane García, Jon Bernat Zubiri Rey
Place of PublicationArre (Navarra)
Number of pages23
ISBN (Print)978-84-9172-096-6
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Karl Marx
  • Political Economy
  • Mixed government
  • Tyranny
  • Oligarchy
  • Anarchy
  • Capitalism
  • Political Philosophy


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