An Empirical Study of Aspect-Oriented Metrics

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Metrics for aspect-oriented software have been proposed and used to investigate thebenefits and the disadvantages of crosscutting concerns modularisation. Some of thesemetrics have not been rigorously defined nor analytically evaluated. Also, there arefew empirical data showing typical values of these metrics in aspect-oriented software.In this paper, we provide rigorous definitions, usage guidelines, analytical evaluation,and empirical data from ten open source projects, determining the value of six metricsfor aspect-oriented software (lines of code, weighted operations in module, depth ofinheritance tree, number of children, crosscutting degree of an aspect, and couplingon advice execution). We discuss how each of these metrics can be used to identifyshortcomings in existing aspect-oriented software.
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Pages (from-to)117–144
JournalScience Of Computer Programming
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012

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