An Auto Pilot to Make Circular Loops: From Vertical to Horizontal Loops

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In this paper we define an autopilot to make verticalcircular loops, making the centripetal acceleration, Gf , to varythrough the loop and maintaining a constant engine thrust,although it varies a little bit with altitude. We prove that thisautopilot could be implemented easily in the flight computer ofan F16, F15, F18, or in any other aircraft with a high GonSetRate,the positive derivative in order to the time of Gf , greater than0.62 g/s. Then we define an autopilot to make horizontal circularloops varying only the centripetal acceleration. We found thatthis autopilot can be deployed on any aircraft with the negativederivative in order to the time of Gf , GoffSetRate, such thatjGoffSetRatej > 1g=s, which includes almost all aircrafts. Finallywe revise and correct our previous work where we define the GLOCrisk in a flyup, and we obtain the exact G-LOC risk in aloop. In the near future we plan to design a system of planningaerobatic flights based on our model of G-LOC risk.Index Terms—penetrating vertical loops; autopilot to makevertical circular loops; spiral like horizontal loops; autopilot tomake horizontal circular loops; G-LOC; G-LOC risk.
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Publication statusPublished - 2018
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ConferenceControlo 2018
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