Alteração dos Gnaisses Enderbíticos no ensaio de lixiviação contínua através do extractor de Soxhlet.

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The denominations Green Netuno, Green Santa Cruz and Green Choró were given to the granulites of Itapipoca, Granja and Chorozinho, respectively. The research was carried out taking in account the technological aspects and weathering/weatherability when in use. The essential aim of this work is to study the alterability of selected rocks and to observe their behavior once exposed to alteration agents in a laboratory environment comparable to actual environments where these rocks are used. The alterability studies conducted in granulitic rocks demonstrated that, even rocks with an apparent low susceptibility to alteration, may in fact problems when submitted to chemically aggressive polluted environments. On these aspects, it was possible to notice that both the petrographic characteristics and the physical parameters (porosity and absorption) are very important tools for the evaluation of the durability of the rocks as coating materials. Therefore, in a general context the rocks studied are quite resistant regarding both to the alteration capacity and to the technological characteristics.
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Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

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