Alberto Nepomuceno, o pai da canção brasileira de câmara?

Translated title of the contribution: Alberto Nepomuceno, the father of the Brazilian chamber song?

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Alberto Nepomuceno (1864-1920) has often been remembered as the “father of Brazilian chamber song”. Likewise, he was credited with having been the first great defender of the Portuguese language in the Brazilian concert music. In the one hundred years of his death, it is opportune to reflect on the veracity or limits of these statements in the light of recent research on the songs produced in Brazil during the long 19th century. It will be possible to conclude that Nepomuceno's songs deserve a prominent place in the history of Brazilian music thanks to their intrinsic qualities and not to an alleged pioneering role in the camera repertoire and in the defense of the vernacular.
Translated title of the contributionAlberto Nepomuceno, the father of the Brazilian chamber song?
Original languagePortuguese (Brazil)
Title of host publicationAlberto Nepomuceno
Subtitle of host publicationreflexões sobre um artista
EditorsLuiz Guilherme Goldberg, Ana Maria Liberal, Alberto Pacheco
Place of PublicationPelotas
PublisherEditora da Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Number of pages25
ISBN (Electronic)978-65-00-70526-3
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • Brazilian Music
  • Brazilian song
  • Alberto Nepomuceno
  • Belle Époque
  • Ecletismo
  • Nacionalismo
  • Longo século XIX
  • Nationalism
  • Eclecticism


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