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In this paper I begin by scrutinizing classic approaches to the question of agrammaticality, with a particular focus on Frege and the early Wittgenstein, and try to show that a further step is needed in order to adequately address this topic. I then focus on the later Wittgenstein’s treatment of nonsense-poems and claim that the failure of the Philosophical Investigations as a book is actually connected with Wittgenstein’s recognition that philosophy should be written under the form of poetry. The therapeutic consequences of this view are discussed in connection with Deleuze’s comments on Melville and with Read’s comments on Sass, which offer very different views of agrammaticality.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNew Essays on Frege
Subtitle of host publicationBetween Science and Literature
EditorsGisela Bengtsson, Simo Säätelä, Alois Pichler
Place of PublicationCham
Number of pages17
ISBN (Electronic)9783319711867
ISBN (Print)9783319711850
Publication statusPublished - 13 Jan 2018

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    Venturinha, N. (2018). Agrammaticality. In G. Bengtsson, S. Säätelä, & A. Pichler (Eds.), New Essays on Frege: Between Science and Literature (pp. 159-175). Cham: Springer.