Active replication of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in HIV type 1 and in HIV type 2 infected patients

M. F. Barros, J. Piedade, G. Nunes, W. Canas-Ferreira, A. P. Silva, J. L. Champalimaud, J. A. Machado-Caetano

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To evaluate the effect of concurrent infection by HIV on HBV infection or immunity, we have studied a group of 66 HIV1+ symptomatic Caucasian patients and another of 38 African HIV2+ asymptomatic individuals, concerning their HBV status: serological markers of infection and presence of HBV-DNA in serum, the last taken as sign of hepatitis B virus active replication, were monitored. HIV+ groups were compared with seronegative controls, adequately matched for age, sex and ethnological background. HBV DNA was found in 7.6% of HIV1+ Caucasian patients and 3.2% of seronegative controls; in African HIV2+ individuals 2.6% were also HBV DNA+, a percentage close to that found in HIV2 seronegative controls (2.9%). No correlation was found between HIV infection and HBV active replication. Immunodepression that follows HIV infection over time may be compatible with a degree of T cell function capable of avoiding reinfection with or reactivation of HBV, even in symptomatic stages of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Our findings are relevant to the choice of preventive strategies in populations at risk for HIV and HBV infection.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)253-258
Number of pages6
JournalRevista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Jul 1996


  • HBV active replication
  • HIV


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