Acúmulo de nutrientes em frutos e grãos de pimenta-do-reino em diferentes estádios de maturação

Translated title of the contribution: Nutrient accumulation in fruits and grains of black pepper at different ripening stages

Jéssica Rodrigues Dalazen, Gustavo Pereira Valani, Henrique Duarte Vieira, José Cochicho Ramalho, Valdemar Lacerda, Wanderson Romão, Fábio Luiz Partelli

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Nutrients accumulation in plants/fruits varies according to the crop development stage and its quantification is important to determine nutrients exportation for fertilization planning and nutrient balancing. This study determined the accumulation of nutrients in different parts of Piper nigrum ‘Bragantina’ spikes harvested at two ripening stages (still-green and red-colored spikes). Assessments in separate parts of still-green spikes (fruits and peduncles) as well as in red-colored spikes (grains, flesh and peduncles) were performed. Piper nigrum spikes were harvested, dried, and the parts were thereafter separated for chemical analysis. N and Mn were the macro and micronutrient most accumulated in the fruits of still-green spikes and in the grains of red-colored spikes, while K and B were most accumulated in the other parts of black pepper assessed, regardless of the ripening stage. The process of removing the flesh from the fruits for white pepper production led to a difference in nutrient concentration and accumulation between the fruits of still-green spikes and the grains of red-colored spikes. A significant contribution of nutrient input can be achieved by maintained flesh and peduncles in the crop area, decreasing the dependence of external fertilizers and thus contributing to a more sustainable agriculture.

Translated title of the contributionNutrient accumulation in fruits and grains of black pepper at different ripening stages
Original languagePortuguese
Article numbere20210470
Number of pages9
JournalCiencia Rural
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2022


  • macronutrients
  • micronutrients
  • Piper nigrum
  • white pepper


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