A Trinuclear Copper(II) Cryptate and Its mu(3)-CO3 Cascade Complex: Thermodynamics, Structural and Magnetic Properties

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The 2,4,6-triethylbenzenecapped hexaamine macrobicycle with pyridyl spacers (pyr) was able to coordinate three copper(II) ions within its cavity. Potentiometric studies performed at 298.2 K in MeOH/H(2)O (50: 50 v/v) and at ionic strength 0.10 moldm(-3) in KNO(3) revealed that trinuclear species predominate in solution from pH 5.0, the hydroxo complexes being the main species, which start forming at unusual very low pH values. The single-crystal X-ray determination of the trinuclear complex showed that the three copper centres have square-planar geometry, arranged in an almost equilateral triangle, and have carbonate bridging the three metal centres. The presence of carbonate resulted from fixation of atmospheric CO(2). The present study represents the first mu(3)-CO(3)-bridged trinuclear copper(II) complex located in the interior of a macrobicyclic cavity. The magnetic data of [Cu(3)(pyr)(mu(3)-CO(3))]center dot(ClO(4))(4) showed ferromagnetic intramolecular interactions [J = 3.80 cm(-1), based on the Hamiltonian H = -J(S(1)S(2)+S(2)S(3)+S(1)S(3))] yielding a spin quartet, S = 3/2, ground state. Density functional calculations on the experimental geometry of the trinuclear complex showed that the ferromagnetic nature of the magnetic coupling can be attributed to the syn-anti conformation of the carbonato bridge, and a magne-to-structural correlation, based on the different conformations (syn-anti, syn-syn and anti-anti), is presented. The interesting properties observed, namely the lowering of the pK(a) of coordinated water molecules to unusual values and the good fit of the carbonate anion between the copper centres, derive from the special architecture of pyr
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011

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