A noção de padrão discursivo: textos e géneros em análise

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis


This work intends to adopt and develop the concept of discursive pattern as a device for analysing texts and describing textual genres and relies upon the notions of discursive types and text plan. It follows the scope of Text and Discourse Linguistics, especially the theo-retical framework and the main conceptual devices of Sociodiscursive Interactionism (ISD) (Bronckart, [1997]1999; 2008a; 2008b; 2010a; 2010b). The research, thus, resumes questions addressed in the scope of a previous Master's thesis in Consultancy and Linguis-tic Revision (Rosa, 2015), particularly with regard to the relations between text genres and discursive types, as well as to the role that text plans plays in organizing the textual surface of different text types. Therefore, it is assumed that the emergence of discursive types is regulated by the text plan and that particular genres tend to present a specific discursive organization whose regularities depend on social genre constraints.In order to develop and validate the proposed analytic instrument, a corpusof 80 of Euro-pean Portuguese written texts was selected, of eight different genres. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis were applied. Firstly, the analysis has focused on the genres social functioning and on the physical and social-subjective parameters which underlie their pro-duction. Thus, it was adopted a top-down approach and the analysis was guided by a par-adigm of complexity. Then, it has focused on the texts (at a first level,on thehybrid types and on their variants and articulation modalities), on the emergence conditions of the dis-cursive types (i.e. on the moments of the plan in which they occur) and on their linguistic configuration. Finally, a quantitative analysis was carried out, by treating the data statisti-cally, while using the SPSS program. The main goal was to synthesizethe qualitative anal-ysis' outcomes and to present a global overview of the discursive pattern's generalproper-ties. By applying the discursive pattern, it is intended to simultaneously introduce a relevant instrument of text analysis (singularity) and a means to describe textual genres (genericity), in order to test and validate its suitability.
Original languagePortuguese
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
  • Gonçalves, Matilde, Supervisor
Award date15 Apr 2020
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • nteracionismo Sociodiscursivo
  • Géneros de texto
  • Tipos discursivos
  • Plano de texto
  • Padrão discursivo
  • Sociodiscursive Interactionism
  • Text genres
  • Discursive types
  • Text plan
  • Discursive pattern


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