A meta-analysis of the quantitative studies in continuance intention to use an information system

Frank Bivar Franque, Tiago Oliveira, Carlos Tam, Fernando de Oliveira Santini

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Purpose: This study aims to describe, synthesise and clarify the findings of published studies on individual continuance intention to use an information system (IS), considering the fact that the number of studies in the continuance intention context are growing exponentially and cover several different subjects. Design/methodology/approach: The research uses meta- and weight analysis by taking 115 empirical studies from continuance intention to use an IS. The data are presented in different views using significant and non-significant relationships from all the studies. Furthermore, it uses hierarchical linear meta-analysis to analyse potential moderators that can influence continuance intention. Findings: The results reveal that affective commitment, attitude, satisfaction, hedonic value and flow are the best predictors of continuance intention to use an IS. Sample size, individualism, uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation moderate the relationship of perceived usefulness on continuance intention. Power distance, masculinity and indulgence moderate relationship satisfaction on continuance intention. Practical implications: The results reveal that continuance intention to use an IS has been studied in different countries, with different cultures; therefore, IS providers should have diversified managing strategies, to ensure the satisfaction of users and long-term usage of their IS. Originality/value: The study provides a systematic overview of the most relevant variables used in the literature, including a temporal analysis of the theoretical models, highlighting the evolution of the constructs and presents a moderation analysis.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-36
Number of pages36
JournalInternet Research
Issue number1
Early online date7 Aug 2020
Publication statusPublished - 4 Feb 2021


  • IS continuance intention, IS post-Usage
  • Literature review
  • Meta-analysis
  • Weight analysis


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