A (in)dependência energética da Europa: "The Iberian Sothern Gas Corridor"

Translated title of the contribution: The Role of Portugal and: "The Iberian Southern Gas Corridor Project"

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The process of decarbonisation and energy transition has become a priority for the European Union, often without taking into account energy security and the changing relations between consumer and supplier countries, particularly in the case of natural gas (henceforth referred to as “gas”), as other fossil hydrocarbons are an alternative to eastern sources and are gradually being replaced.

After many years of dependence on Russian gas and of unsuccessful efforts by the European Union to build gas pipelines from different sources, a plan is needed to ensure energy sustainability by transporting new renewable gases from sources in Southern Europe, particularly from the Iberian Peninsula, through a pipeline network (“The Iberian Southern Gas Corridor”) that would serve central and northern Europe, which could also be used, temporarily, to supply gas (and mixtures with other gases, such as hydrogen) to those markets.

If the gas supply disruptions that have occurred in Central and Eastern European countries affect the supplier’s reliability, the impact is undoubtedly much greater in those countries, as it threatens the rule of law and the rights of their citizens, which must be safeguarded.
Translated title of the contributionThe Role of Portugal and: "The Iberian Southern Gas Corridor Project"
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Article numberIUM Atualidade n.º 32
Pages (from-to)1-42
Number of pages41
JournalIUM Atualidade
Issue number2183-2560
Publication statusPublished - 28 Feb 2022


  • Climate change,
  • Fit for 55,
  • Iberian Southern Gas Corridor,
  • Nabucco
  • North Stream,
  • Energy Security


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