A Domain-Specific Aspect Language for Transforming MATLAB Programs

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Aspect-oriented programming enables software developers to augment programs with information out of the scope of the base language while not hampering the code readability and thus its portability. MATLAB is a popular modeling/programming language that can significantly benefit from aspect-oriented programming features. Crosscutting concerns include various forms of optimization-motivated configurations, namely the restriction on allowed data types/values, monitoring of specific execution facets, such as dataset sizes and the assignment of specific values to variables. This paper describes the main concepts of a domain-specific aspect language (DSAL) for specifying transformations in MATLAB to facilitate the experimentation of alternative variants of a core code. In the proposed language Aspect modules are structured in three sections: intersections (select) equivalent to AspectJ poincuts, actions (apply) equivalent to advice, and conditions (when) that control triggering of actions. Two key features proposed are aspect composition strategies to support for specifying particular sequences of aspects and parameterization of aspects for supporting the definition of parameters that specialize aspects.
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Title of host publicationDomain-Specific Aspect Languages workshop
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010
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ConferenceDSAL 2010
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