A cidade nas práticas artísticas

Translated title of the contribution: The city in artistic practices

Nuno Fonseca (Editor/Coordinator), Humberto Brito (Editor/Coordinator), João Oliveira Duarte (Editor/Coordinator), Susana Ventura (Editor/Coordinator), Susana Viegas (Editor/Coordinator)

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A cidade nas práticas artísticas [The city in artistic practices] is the result of the work developed, of the presentations and the debates held within the cycle of seminars “The experience of the city between art and philosophy”, held between 3 March 2020 and 16 June 2021 (calendar dramatically compromised by the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic), one of the main activities of the OBRA project — Fragmentation and Reconfiguration: experiencing the city between art and philosophy, based at IFILNOVA — Philosophy Institute of NOVA, in Lisbon. The book is divided into five parts, relating to each of the artistic disciplines to which the seminars were dedicated – cinema, photography, sound arts, literature and architecture —, which are edited by the organizers responsible for each of them — respectively, Susana Viegas, Humberto Brito, Nuno Fonseca João Oliveira Duarte and Susana Ventura — and composed of the respective narrated accounts of each seminar and of short essays, some merely textual, others graphical or even photographic, which are either in-depth versions of the reflections and positions that were presented and debated by the participants and guests, or works that motivated and inspired the work of the seminars. The seminar cycle and the book now presented here intend to reflect on the role of artistic practices in the representation and reconfiguration of urban experience, trying to understand their different attempts to apprehend and express the fragmentation of aesthetic experience in modern and contemporary cities, as well as to evaluate their contribution to an eventual symbolic and imaginative reconfiguration of that experience. Each section tries, in its own way, to answer questions such as: How do these arts think and reinvent the city? What do they make us feel? And what is their social and political role? For reasons that are easy to understand, Lisbon was the starting point, but other cities were also part of the journey.
Translated title of the contributionThe city in artistic practices
Original languagePortuguese
Place of PublicationLisboa
PublisherInstituto de Filosofia da Nova (IFILNOVA)
Number of pages275
ISBN (Electronic)978-989-97073-9-9
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2023


  • Urban aesthetics
  • Architecture
  • Philosophy of art
  • Photography
  • Cinema
  • Sound art
  • Literature


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