Datação87sr/86sr da formação de alcácer do sal (Miocénico superior, portugal continental)

Translated title of the contribution: 87sr/86sr dating of the alcácer do sal formation (Upper miocene, mainland portugal)

Ricardo Ressurreição, Paulo Legoinha, Rúben Pereira Dias, José Francisco Santos, Sara Monteiro Ribeiro, Carla Patinha, R. Miranda

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The Lower Tagus Basin was subjected to several marine transgressions along the Neogene, related to positive eustatic oscillations and also controlled by the regional tectonic activity. In the Alcácer do Sal-Sines region, previous studies identified an episode of marine sedimentation interpreted as having occurred during the late Serravalian to early Tortonian interval, based on biostratigraphic data. This episode is represented in the Alcácer do Sal Formation. The study of the SMS-12-01B borehole, drilled for mineral prospection purposes, located about 10 km NNE of Melides, allowed the identification of a 3 m thick layer of sediments containing marine fossils.87Sr/86Sr determinations of oyster shells point to deposition about 11.5 Ma ago, validating previous proposals for the age of the formation. These data correspond to the first numerical ages obtained for the Alcácer do Sal Formation, allowing a solid correlation with other known marine units in the Lower Tagus and Algarve basins related to the same transgression episode.

Translated title of the contribution87sr/86sr dating of the alcácer do sal formation (Upper miocene, mainland portugal)
Original languagePortuguese
Pages (from-to)5-11
Number of pages7
JournalComunicacoes Geologicas
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • 87Sr/86Sr ages
  • Alcácer do Sal Formation
  • Lower Tagus Basin
  • Upper Miocene


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