VESTE _ Dressing the Court: Costume, Gender, and Identity(ies)

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


Norma Transitória–DL 57/2016 (Referência: CP1453/CT0069)

Ever since Roland Barthes’ pioneering study (The Fashion System, 1967), clothing and fashion have become subjects of interest and study at university. VESTE looks at clothing, accessories, ornaments, shoes, cosmetics and make up as objects of communication that contribute to the characterisation of a certain temporal and spatial context, which becomes the subject of a discourse that itself forms part of the idea of fashion.
The goal is to map, describe, analyse, and contextualise the use of clothing and artistic objects - accessories, foot wear, hats, jewellery - that materialise the fashion cultures, as well as the system that fosters and diversifies them, such as manufactures and industries producers of textiles and accessories, the regulation and practice of crafts related to them, the development of ethos and taste, the creation of consumption needs, and the transformation and progressive transversality in the use of clothing, colours and textiles once reserved for specific social and professional groups.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia


  • History and Cultures of Fashion
  • Early Modern period
  • Portugal
  • Material Culture
  • Heritage
  • Artistic Objects
  • Consumption