The Sphere

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


The Sphere is a 3 year project aiming to develop a web 3.0 community platform for self-organisation in the performing arts. As a new transnational business model powered by distributed ledger technology (blockchain), The Sphere will enable every agent in its digital ecosystem to participate in the shaping of new organisational, aesthetic and economic forms.

The Sphere will be prototyped in the circus arts sector. Creativity can be limited by infrastructures that suffer systemic inertia and waste resources. The Sphere’s digital ecosystem is an open value network in which everyone’s contribution to a given creative process is registered. This enables a radical shift in the way we conceive of and manage remuneration and intellectual property, empower audiences as stakeholders, and incentivise artistic collaboration and inventiveness.

The Sphere will be delivered by a partnership of 11 artistic companies, cultural organizations, universities and festivals that have the combined expertise and capacity to produce a project that will have lasting effects on the European cultural landscape.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsCreative Europe