Ana Cristina Laranjinha Satiro

Ana Cristina Laranjinha Satiro

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Ana Satiro has a MA in History, specialization in Civilizations of Middle East and Ancient Asia, by School of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) of NOVA University of Lisbon, with a dissertation entitled "Between Hattusa and Babylon: the circulation of magical-medicinal knowledge between the 14th and the 13th centuries BC." In this dissertation she aimed at studying the processes of reception and transmission of magical-medical knowledge between these two great powers of ancient western Asia to highlight the syncretic and, to a certain extent, original product, resulting from multiple transfer processes and cultural contacts. She integrated organizing committees for several activities, from events directed to different publics to scientific events at NOVA-FCSH, especially related to ancient Mesopotamia. She had a research internship under 4-OCEANS: Human History of Marine Life ERC - Grant Agreement No. 951649 (2022), and currently she integrates the research team of the exploratory project WATERS- Amidst 'ever-flowing water' - tracing aquatic symbols and metaphors in Lower Mesopotamia religion (c. 3300 - 1800 BCE) (CHAM, NOVA FCSH), being responsible for gathering and analysing material and iconographic data. Since 2023 she is a researcher at CHAM- Centre for the Humanities, NOVA FCSH & UAc, integrating the research group Environment, Interactions and Globalization which pays particular attention to the circulation and contacts of human groups, as well as their interaction with nature, and impact in the historical processes, in different geographical and temporal contexts.

Currently, she is doing a PhD in Ancient History at NOVA-FCSH, with a scholarship financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), looking to develop a research project focusing on the processes of transfer and reception of Babylonian magical-medicinal knowledge in various contexts in Western Asia in the 14th and 13th centuries BC.

Research interests

Her research interests include History of Science and History of Religion, namely the transmission of magical-medicinal knowledge in ancient western Asia (with/by the Mesopotamian specialists).

Education/Academic qualification

Introdução à Língua Ácadica I, Centro de História (CHUL-FLUL/UL)

17 Oct 202330 Nov 2023

Award Date: 30 Nov 2023

History, Major in Civilizações do Médio Oriente e Ásia Antiga, Master, Entre Hattusa e a Babilónia: a circulação do conhecimento mágico-medicinal nos séculos XIV-XIII a.C.

Sept 2019Mar 2022

Award Date: 31 Mar 2022

Introdução à Língua Acádica e à Escrita Cuneiforme II, Centro de História (CHUL-FLUL/UL)

17 Jan 20229 Feb 2022

Award Date: 9 Feb 2022

Introdução à Língua Acádica e à Escrita Cuneiforme I, Centro de História (CHUL-FLUL/UL)

1 Jun 202124 Jun 2021

Award Date: 24 Jun 2021

History , Bachelor

Sept 20162019


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