Uncovering the secrets of the Portuguese Inquisition

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Period20 Oct 2023

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Media coverage

  • TitleUncovering the secrets of the Portuguese Inquisition
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    Description300 years of archival output and more than 40,000 files from these court trials of the Portuguese Inquisition are held by the National Archives of Portugal, waiting to be transcribed and analysed. Recognising the potential of the cour trial records, ‘Processos’, the TraPrInq project was created. The unique name ‘TraPrInq’, a nonce word, sums up its mission: “Transcrever os Processos da Inquisição Portuguesa, 1536-1821”, which translates as “Transcribing the court trials of the Portuguese Inquisition, 1536-1821”. [...]
    PersonsHervé Baudry


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