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In Freudian metapsychology, the concept of the unconscious is inseparable from that of repression. It is because of that to which Freud gives the name of "repression" that the center of the psyche is displaced, and why it is no longer identifiable with consciousness and its representations. Repression is the process because of which the unconscious is formed as an area inaccessible to consciousness and why it is governed by a particular process (the primary process) at work manifestly in dreams, lapsus, wit and in the formation of symptoms. It is in this same area that is kept away from consciousness by a constant effort (repression) that, according to Freud, is the center of psychic life. In his Genealogy of Psychoanalysis, Michel Henry's reading of the unconscious seems to radicalize this displacement. But if Henry relies on the Freudian thesis that it is because no one can escape from oneself that repression takes place, the originality of his reading draws our attention to the fact that the inherent force of repression is of an affective order, is formative of representations, and is not just an effort to keep representations at a distance. The energy at work in repression is that of life itself, in relation to which there is no possible difference: the unconscious, rather than a zone of representations separated from consciousness, would be confused with the incessant activity of life, to the point of not existing. Hence its inherent relation to subjective liability.
Period11 Sep 2012
Event titleÉcole Franco-Allemande de Philosophie: Workshop 6 : Psychanalyse-Daseinsanalyse
Event typeConference
LocationToulouse, France
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