New Kingdom Chairs. A Proposed Material and Symbolical Analysis

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Ancient Egyptian furniture has long amazed the World. Books and articles about it have been printed throughout the last century and a half, and the reason is mostly connected to the artistry of the final product, so dissimilar from what is usually found nowadays on most places. Following this tradition however intending to add a more detailed analyzes of the chosen furniture, the present essay will focus on two chairs, dated from the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt and, as the first centenary of the opening of the pr nebw of Tutankhamun will be on November the 4th 2022, the two pieces were selected from the funerary paraphernalia found on KV 62.
This essay, therefore, proposes to present a material analysis of the components of both chairs, in order to establish a comprehensive connection to what was intended to transmit on a symbolical level.
The hypothesis departs from the notion that belief systems, myths, symbolism and even magic were an integral part of Egyptian culture and were infused in all that was produced by this Civilization.
The proposal of this essay will be to through a careful analysis of the material, including the iconography seen in one of the chairs, present the most probable symbolism that was intended to be understood when the chairs were both in the Land of Horus and proceeded with its owner to the Real of Osiris, in his final voyage to the World of the Occidentals.
Period26 Sept 202229 Sept 2022
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