Fantasia, ficção e a coragem de criar

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When asked, most artists do not only say little about their creation, but they also claim that there is nothing in them that is not common to other individuals. Anyone can create. But, we can observe that not everyone is able to do so. What would be common to artists and non-artists, then, when it comes to creation? Where, in themselves and in the world, will individuals find the materials that serve their creations? And what does it take to move from these materials to the formation of works, which are not necessarily artistic? Not content with what is, the desire for creation requires an openness to what is not, and particularly to what is not yet. To transform reality requires a disposition to the unreal and the possible as fantasy and fiction can give them. But none of these seems to be enough to make real what is not real. Although necessary to lead to creation, they still require a disposition and an effort that are not only physical. Creation is not done without courage because in it is implied a challenge and a conflict with the forces inherent in what already is. But what is the kind of relationship that exists between this courage, fantasy, and the fictions they gives rise to? This communication tried to answer this question with the help of Plato, Aristotle, Schiller, Freud and Rollo May.
Period4 Jul 2013
Event titleXX Cursos Internacionais de Verão de Cascais: Novas perspectivas em psicologia, a psicoterapia e psicanálise na sociedade actual
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  • Fantasia
  • Imaginação
  • Ficção
  • Psicanálise
  • Filosofia
  • Criação