Curso teórico: Estética – Escritos e Testemunhos

Activity: OtherTypes of External academic engagement - Research and Teaching at External Organisation


“Letters that are not mailed cease to be missives for possible friends; they turn into archived things” (Peter Sloterdijk, 2009). Writings and testimonies of, and about, artists, in their varied forms – diaries, letters, lessons, and reflections – allow us to explore the creative process, as well as the reflections of aesthetics and philosophy on this theme, by traveling in a non-linear way through generations, epochs and art movements (looking at instances of romanticism, modernity, modernism, postmodernism, and contemporary art). Instead of becoming archival material, the writings become messages for their recipients and possible friends.
Period7 Mar 202211 Apr 2022
Held Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual, Portugal