COALESCER, NO ESPAÇO DO CORPO EM PENSAMENTO: Seminário contínuo e colectivo de desenho, dança e filosofia

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Coalesce, in the space of the body in thought is a continuous seminar of drawing, dance and philosophy, particularly on the body, which brings together a group of artists, philosophers, researchers, and teachers. The project will run bi-monthly, between 2020-2021, at Porta33, for a wide audience aged between 3 and 70 years old, with and without experience, also in previous projects of Porta33. Coalesce is a place for experimentation of the body and its philosophical reflection, through embodied practices of movement, drawing, reading, writing, and dialogue developed in a participative and collaborative environment. The nature of this project gives priority to artistic and philosophical research developed through the voice of each of the participants, in a regime of sharing the sensible between life and art. It is intended that the series of practices and theories, in coalescence, encourage the lived experience, the knowledge, and the revelation of oneself. With: Ana Godinho, Clara Bevilaqua, Dora Vicente, Emília Pinto de Almeida, Joana Pupo, José Gil, Manuel Rodrigues, Maria Filomena Molder, Mariana Lemos, Rita Pedro, Sofia Neuparth, Tomás Cunha Ferreira.
Period1 Feb 202030 Jun 2022
Held atPORTA33, Portugal
Degree of RecognitionInternational